Being raised in a simple barrio in the outskirts, my life was simple. I adored the flowers at our garden and the jets that flew above to draw on the sky. I remember when my playmates were Tatay and my dogs. I liked talking. Or maybe I liked conversing but not with the people as young as I was. I used to be shy when I was growing up. I had no friends who come over at our house or anyone to call after school. Our television had no cable network so I was clueless about that Blue’s Clues Show.

As I was exposed to more people, I adapted to a new culture. I tried to fit in but eventually got tired of it. It was fun expanding my network, but I had no fulfillment from it. A world that is not for me. Something that does not make a man deeply happy.

Through the years, despite having people to call, I still find shelter in blogs instead of people.


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