The Exams

I have already filed for my board exams which will be on August. Papers are all settled now, except the examinee herself, me. 

I have been in complete anxiety. From the day I got into review classes until the days of my idleness, self-doubt and overconfidence foist as opposing sentiments to my conscience. Uncertain if my preparation is enough, if time is wisely used, if studying is still on track. But then, there have been chances when time is not even an issue that I can still afford to write this.

I would very much hate to compare my progress with others’ because I know I will only panic instead of working in productivity.

In need of comfort, I prayed the Rosary as I was traveling to PRC yesterday. It was one of the very few traffics I appreciated because I wanted to finish the prayer before alighting. In asking the Mother’s mercy and guidance, I humbly found peace. My heart was full. A different kind – most probably with grace.

I felt like I have a definite purpose.

“So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.” 2 Corinthians 4:18

All these circumstances, be it within myself or from the voices of others, I lay my faith to You.



Being raised in a simple barrio in the outskirts, my life was simple. I adored the flowers at our garden and the jets that flew above to draw on the sky. I remember when my playmates were Tatay and my dogs. I liked talking. Or maybe I liked conversing but not with the people as young as I was. I used to be shy when I was growing up. I had no friends who come over at our house or anyone to call after school. Our television had no cable network so I was clueless about that Blue’s Clues Show.

As I was exposed to more people, I adapted to a new culture. I tried to fit in but eventually got tired of it. It was fun expanding my network, but I had no fulfillment from it. A world that is not for me. Something that does not make a man deeply happy.

Through the years, despite having people to call, I still find shelter in blogs instead of people.